[h1]Wasp Nest Removal Woking[/h1]

During the early summer months it’s common to come across a developing wasp nest, with the most common places being the loft, shed, fascia boards and brick work.
The obvious signs of a nest are a constant flow of wasps or hornets entering a hole around your property. Often you would not be able to see the nest as they are normally well hidden.

MPC Wasp Nest Removal Woking will quickly locate the nest and deal with it in a fast and safe manor.
Our treatment involves the use of a professional only insecticide that is applied to the area the wasps are entering the nest and is carried in by the returning wasps.

Usually the nest will show no signs of activity after a couple of hours, but if you find they are still returning after 24 hours we will apply another treatment with no charge!

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Wasp Removal in Woking

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Wasp Control £34.00

[h2]Fixed Price Wasp Control Service[/h2]

If you find you need a wasp nest removal in Woking please don’t attempt to treat it yourself. Wasps are very dangerous and can strike in large numbers in just a few seconds. A nest can hold anything up to 15,000 wasps so if it’s not treated by a professional things can get out of hand very quickly.

Once a wasp nest has been destroyed it will not be rebuilt or used again.