Wasp Nest Removal Surrey

Welcome to our MPC Wasp Nest Removal Surrey service.

If you have seen wasps entering a hole or found them buzzing around in the loft then it’s more than likely you have a wasp nest.
Our Wasp Nest Removal Surrey service has a fixed price of £39 inclusive and comes with a 100% guarantee.
We will access your wasp nest and choose the correct method to quickly resolve the problem.

The size of a wasp nest depends on location and the time of year but they can vary from the size of a small football to 4 or 5 feet in size.
Wasp Control Surrey will treat the nest using an insecticide only available to professionals ensuring the nest is destroyed quickly and safely with most nests dead within an hour or two after the treatment.

wasp nest removal service


Experienced Wasp Control

MPC Wasp Nest Removal Surrey carry all the latest wasp control equipment meaning we can deal with most nests even in hard to reach locations.

We offer our Wasp Control Surrey service seven days a week and we are often able to offer a same day service to our customers.
If you have more than one nest then Wasp Control Surrey also of discounts if treated on the same visit.

Please feel free to contact Pest Control Surrey to arrange an appointment to treat your wasp nest.