Expert Mole Catcher Surrey

Need A Mole Catcher?
Moles are a common problem in Surrey popping up in gardens and fields throughout the county.
We are members of the BTMR and pride ourselves on the traditional method of humane Mole Trapping.

After assessing your Mole problem we are able to take the correct steps to ensure we quickly resolve your problem with our Mole Catcher Surrey service.

Only an experienced Mole Catcher can catch Moles with quick and proven results. All our traps are maintained regularly to guarantee quick and humane results and all traps are checked every 24 hours.

With Moles feeding every 4 hours choosing the correct run to set traps in is essential and this is where our experience in Mole Catching is needed.

pest control for wasps and moles

Moles can damage a garden in just a matter of days creating mole hills all over the lawn. Apart from the mess they make they can also cause other problems with the amount of tunnels they use leaving an unstable lawn in severe cases.

Humane Mole Control Service

We also offer a no mole no fee Mole Catcher service.
This means there is no charge to set up the traps or to check them but you will only pay for results.

Our Mole Control price starts from just £75 inclusive.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your mole problems.

Are treatments are 100% guaranteed and we can normally offer you a same day service. Our prices are the most competitive available in Surrey with our wasp control service having a fixed price of £34 inclusive.

Moles can appear over night often tearing up the lawn with their damaging mole hills. Like with wasps people often try the DIY approach before contacting Pest Control Surrey. Moles are a very clever pest and can take some catching. Knowing the way moles work and having the knowledge to set the traps to perfection is the difference between getting results and not.
Our Mole Catcher Surrey service has a no mole no fee service and our prices start from just £75 inclusive.