Guildford Pest Control Services

MPC Pest Control Guildford offer expert mole control and wasp nest removal services throughout Guildford.

Both these pests can be as annoying as each other but rest assured MPC will quickly put a stop to them.

If you find you have a wasp nest on your property then please give us a call. We are trained and fully insured with over 10 years experience destroying wasps and hornets throughout the Guildford area.
Our Guildford wasp nest removal costs just £39 and also includes a 100% guarantee. We use the latest insecticides and equipment to ensure we resolve your wasp problem within a few hours of the treatment.

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Expert Wasp Control

Our wasp control service is available 7 days a week at no extra charge!

The Guildford pest controller
Mole Control

We provide a no mole no charge service with most infestations resolved within 48 hours!

MPC offer an expert mole catcher service and we are members of the BTMR and only catch moles using the traditional method of traps as it’s the most humane method. At no point will we use poisons or gases.
With our expert knowledge of moles we will normally catch the mole within 24 hours.
As with all true traditional mole catchers we don’t charge a penny if we don’t catch the mole. This shows our confidence and skill when it comes to moles.

MPC Pest Control Guildford are a small family run business so reputation means everything to us.

Please feel free to contact us today if you would like to know more about our Pest Control in Guildford service.

The Guildford Pest Control Team Arrived On Time To Deal With Our Problem And Were Excellent!